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Our Salsa Instructors

Salsa PrincetonSergio Sotovando was born and raised in Guatemala. He grew up listening to salsa music, which is how he became interested in salsa dancing, and has now been dancing for more than 10 years. He has trained with some of the top salsa instructors in NYC and performed in the central Jersey area. Recently, he has been training students for salsa congresses and festivals. He is very active on the social dancing scene in NY where he goes several times a week.

As a child, he was very active in sports, trained in boxing and Karate, and has emphasized the importance of staying active and healthy throughout his life. Salsa has been one of the ways he keeps up with his exercise regime.

Sergio says: “I am very excited to be teaching at Princeton University and I can’t wait to meet my new students.”


salsa princetonSheena Larsen was born and raised in a small town in Utah. She didn’t discover Latin dancing until she was a senior in high school when a friend convinced to attend a Latin dance club for the first time. As fate would have it, the club was holding a Salsa dance competition that very night and a stranger asked her to compete with him. Without even knowing the steps, she agreed and they ended up winning the competition. Sheena was hooked and so began her life-long addiction to Latin dancing.

This newfound hobby led her to audition for the Ballroom Dance Company while in her first year of college. Without any prior Ballroom dance experience, she had a natural talent and was invited to become a member of the Ballroom Dance Company where she began training, performing and competing. Over the next several years, Sheena had the opportunity to travel throughout the Western United States and Canada, performing and competing in the International Latin division and ranking first place in numerous collegiate and national competitions. She went on co-direct the university Ballroom Dance Company and began teaching locally at colleges, gyms, sports clubs and schools, in which she gained valuable teaching experience.

After six years of studying ballroom dancing, Sheena was re-introduced to Salsa through a good friend, in a more structured format. Not long after, she began performing and teaching with the Utah-based professional Salsa dance company “Drugagya Forma.” Salsa was easy at first because of her background experience in ballroom dancing, however, the deeper she ventured, the more she realized how distinct Salsa actually was from ballroom. She was attracted to the natural Afro-Latin body movement elements of the dance. Her desire to learn more lead her to NYC three years ago to study under the professional instruction of some of the top pioneers of Salsa. Eventually she founded her own Salsa school in the heart of NYC teaching the On2 style of Salsa from 2010-2013. Sheena has relocated to New Jersey and excited to share her dance experience with others.